Unlimited Device Change

Change Your target device as Many Times as you Want

Device Change

One of the unique features of ONEMONITAR mobile Monitoring App is that even if the target device is misplaced, lost or somehow destroyed, you can still avail the benefits of our app. Provided that your subscription has not expired, ONEMONITAR offers free device change service to all of its valued customers. This service will allow you to transfer your budget or prime ONEMONITAR subscription on a new android device without any additional charges.

This service can prove to be beneficial in the following situations:


Before installing ONEMONITAR on a new device, it is important for you to remove ONEMONITAR from the older device. Inability to do this might cause loss of data and certain other issues.

Follow these instruction to remove ONEMONITAR from the old device:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Lock Screen & Security.
  3. After then click on Other Security Settings.
  4. Search for System Settings and de-activate it.
  5. Go back to Settings and go to Apps or Application Manager.
  6. Search for System Settings and uninstall it.

ATTENTION! Kindly uninstall ONEMONITAR app from the target device before deleting it from here otherwise it will wipe all the data on your current device. This action in destructive and the data cannot not be recovered again once deleted.


Once you are done removing ONEMONITAR from the previous android phone, you are free to install it on the new device. Visit installation guide to get more details about how to install ONEMONITAR. After the installation process is complete, you will start receiving monitored information instantly and in a timely manner.

Make In India

We Make in India

ONEMONITAR is designed & developed in India for all Android Smartphones. Let's start using Indian Applications and boycott all other chinese monitoring applications.

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