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Below are some frequently asked questions people are looking for answers to. In case you do not find answer to your question in particular, you can contact us anytime.

ONEMONITAR is an Android Monitoring application that comes loaded with advanced tracking features. These features are easily accessible via an online control panel, providing advanced monitoring features including call monitoring, GPS tracking, Browser data monitoring, Multimedia tracking, Installed app viewing, and much more.

Once you successfully install ONEMONITAR application on the targeted device, the app accumulates the device data and displays it simultaneously over the subscriber's control panel. The control panel can be accessed using any internet browser. Always remember to check the phone and operating system compatibility before making the purchase. There are three subscription plans that a user can select from based on their personal requirements and app features.

Almost every Android device running on Android version 4.1 or above is compatible with ONEMONITAR. However, we do recommend checking your smartphone compatibility or you can contact us via the link below.



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